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James Victor Anderson

James Victor Anderson, a man with a heart full of passion and a soul yearning to create, was born and raised in the cozy town of Coos Bay-North Bend. With the wild and beautiful Oregon coast as his backdrop, he spent his childhood surrounded by the natural beauty that would later inspire his art.

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The purpose of Anderson’s poetry is not to try to seek that which is already within us but that which we have always known since infancy as a viable factor in where we have arrived. And still we travel, discover, and grow with the speed of dawn. Poetry which merely tells a story or points to a deeper meaning does not have the power of taking you by the leash and unfastening it. That alone should frighten a traveler. The art of poetry itself is never a saving factor but is merely a voice found in the heart of one who has never given up in spite of the beatings. Doesn’t this explain most of us still on the journey?


The traveler who has found his or her inner voice will understand Andersons poetry through personal experience, but to others, it may be nothing more than indecipherable marks on an abandoned wall. And may have, through no fault of their own, no need of it.


Whichever the case, relish the disturbance and enjoyment of things that have always been yours and your right to reclaim them. This book is best embraced in some quiet, private place of comfort far away from the things that sent you there.

An Occasional Damage of Roses

Not Unlike a Madman in Cheap Sandals

The Heart Has A Homely Face

Immersion into Quantum Creek

Dance Without A Rack Of Bones Within

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