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James Victor Anderson

James Victor Anderson, a man with a heart full of passion and a soul yearning to create, was born and raised in the cozy town of Coos Bay-North Bend. With the wild and beautiful Oregon coast as his backdrop, he spent his childhood surrounded by the natural beauty that would later inspire his art.

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Author James Victor Anderson's "An Occasional Damage of Roses" offers a great collection of poems that keep readers thoroughly engaged

Renowned author James Victor Anderson addresses important themes that touch on real aspects of living. Every poem in this top-rated book brings forth a moment of thoughtful consideration and even memory.

Author James Victor Anderson brings a lovely collection of poetry in his top-rated boo “An Occasional Damage of Roses,” which keeps readers thoroughly engaged with each and every turn of the page.


According to Anderson, a talented poet, the book is best embraced in a quiet, private place of comfort. The author offers a unique way with his words that demand readers’ attention and stays with them long after they have finished reading his work.

Anderson opens this book of poems by stating that the collection of poetry “attempts to discern between those perceptions the world has taught us and the emergence of a spiritual consciousness that knows its difference.” His impressive poems embrace the Taoist perspective in which the common human experience becomes extraordinary.

“The traveler who has found his or her inner voice will understand Anderson’s poetry through personal experience, but to others, it may be nothing more than indecipherable marks on an abandoned wall. And may have, through no fault of their own, no need of it,” the book states in its paperback. 


In a review on Amazon, Quirru, one of the readers, lauded the author for putting out a book that makes people think about life and sees inside of them to understand what the author is trying to say so they get the reflection of those words in their soul.

“A nice compilation of the author’s poems that gave me an inner pace as I read them and let me meditate on the concepts spoken in them,” wrote Quirru. 

S.J. Main, another reader, described “An Occasional Damage of Roses” as a poetry book written with the intention to speak from the heart. 

“As you read a passage from the passage, you notice how well everything is felt and understood. The author has an enjoyable hand in penmanship,” wrote S.J.

James Victor Anderson has written and published under previous book titles as Not Unlike a Madman in Cheap Sandals, Dance Without a Rack of Bones Within, The Heart Has a Homely Face, and Immersion Into Quantum Creek. His current work is a continuation of the Taoist perspective through which the common human experience becomes extraordinary. If we demanded God to reveal himself the very best, what he might do is tell us to look into the water and see what it means.

Those who want to grab a copy of “An Occasional Damage of Roses” may purchase it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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