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James Victor Anderson

James Victor Anderson, a man with a heart full of passion and a soul yearning to create, was born and raised in the cozy town of Coos Bay-North Bend. With the wild and beautiful Oregon coast as his backdrop, he spent his childhood surrounded by the natural beauty that would later inspire his art.

541- 673-1714


The Heart Has A Homely Face

THE HEART HAS A HOMELY FACE is a book of introspective poetry composed on ordinary themes that come through a Taoist perspective. Anderson’s poetry rests on a point of inner balance upon common experiences. He brings forth the insights that most people can relate to concerning their connection with all things living. Anderson asks in his work, “What has my life as a poet meant but to tighten the string that ties us all together?” As a philosophical Taoist Anderson tries to weigh all of his subjects with an equal objectivity that evokes empathy and compassion from within one’s self, and connects with all humankind.

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